X10DR® – Secure Wireless Microphone

Wireless Pacific have released the incredibly compact, lightweight X10DR® (“Extender”) secure wireless microphone. This visionary patented solution provides users out of vehicle communications with the power and performance of their mobile radio.

The X10DR® cuts the cord and for the first time puts radio system access into the users hand when away from the vehicle, delivering true mobility without system compromise.

The X10DR® allows wireless communication with a fixed or vehicle radio: 60, 150, 300 metres/yards and more. Now users can communicate with enhanced clear duplex audio, with the power and range of a mobile radio whilst not being tied to the vehicle. X10DR® allows the user to be truly mobile in every operational environment.

PWC is an authorised X10DR® and Wireless Pacific distributor. PWC are extremely proud to have secured rights to become…

X10dr digital vehicular repeater

Range Test of X10DR® Secure Wireless Microphone

The X10DR® Secure Wireless Microphone is making waves around the world as the ultimate solution for commercial, industrial and mission critical mobile radio users to have wireless communication whilst working away from their vehicle. We constantly get asked how X10DR performs, so we have created this range test review video so you can see the results for yourself. The test results exceeded our expectations and we couldn’t be more delighted.

X10DR trully is a world-class accessory solution manufactured by specialist accessory manufacturer, Wireless Pacific; PWC are proud to be promoting it in Australia in conjunction with RFI Wireless.

X10DR means that finally worker safety is no longer jeopardised, whilst working away from the vehicle. X10DR is a reasonably practical solution to improve worker safety, that also increases worker productivity and accountability. This is a far more elegant and cost effective…