Wireless Pacific has delivered proven, cost effective, radio communication solutions across Australia and internationally.

We are proud to have worked with many blue-chip corporate, and senior level government departments to help them achieve the ability to communicate, no matter what operational circumstances they may face. With over 100 years of radio communication experience, Wireless Pacific delivers world-class solutions, that are cost effective and designed specially to achieve mission objectives.

Below are a few notable examples of our ability to deliver proven solutions, whilst remaining adaptive to our client’s specific and often very unique circumstances.

Wireless Pacific designed and delivered custom built backup power supplies for emergency radio communications systems which were deployed by a Federal government agency operating in a politically unstable developing nation.

This ensured the government agerncy could carry out their work, knowing the integrity of their radio communications were kept intact despite the possibility of changing operational circumstances.

Wireless Pacific has worked with some major mining projects.

In conjunction with our Austrlian partners PWC, we delivered a specialised solution to a major gas exploration project that required PWC to team up with 3M Peltor™ and Kabel-as™, to deliver custom made, intrinsically safe, ATEX headsets to this gas project’s workers. Upon delivery, workers were able to work safely with the confidence of knowing their radio communications were secure and provided with electrical protection against working with potentially explosive gases.

PWC teamed up with a major racing team to deliver a full range of radio communication solutions to their pit crew.

This ensured that despite extreme operating factors, engineers and other pit staff could communicate effectively using radio communications with clear audio and elite hearing protection.

Wireless Pacific are proud to have worked with a national rail company that provides critical cargo transportation for major mining projects.

Wireless Pacific’s Custom Solutions Group delivered a customised specialist lighting system which adhered to best practice ergonomic standards, that enabled train drivers to more effectively interact with their radio communication consoles in low visibility conditions.

Wireless Pacific support two way radio dealers around the globve and their customers by being able to source and distribute, via our partnerships, a full range of radio communication solutions including rapid deployment repeaters, two way radio accessories, batteries, headsets, antennas, portable and mobile two way radios, specialist products such as X10DR® and Firefront™.

Wireless Pacific has engineering capabilities to provide custom modifications of existing solutions to tailor them to specific client and industry partner circumstances.

X10dr digital vehicular repeater