We help organisations create team synergy via proven, reliable, cost effective, radio communication technology.

Two way radio is the world’s most reliable, cost effective, proven technology that enables teams to communicate. PWC are passionate about two way radio and our primary objective is to help organisations create team synergy through effective team based radio communication technology. Two way radio is the very life blood of everything we do.

By leveraging upon our relationships and real world application knowledge, PWC have integrated many “world first” innovations and customised solutions into the communication infrastructure of large corporate entities all across Australia. We stake our reputation on delivering the uttermost level of care, attention to detail and support to provide cost effective, reliable and innovative radio communication solutions. With over 100 years of real-world radio experience, PWC deliver world-class communication solutions to enable corporate entities to get the job done.

X10DR Digital Vehicular Repeaters DVRS

We are proud to continue working with large corporate entities nation wide in the following industries:

– Public Safety
– Power & Utility Providers
– Mining
– Road & Rail Transport
– Radio & Telecommunications
– Public Arenas / Entertainment Complexes
– Security
– Logistic & Warehouse Providers
– Construction & Property Development

No matter how large your desire to communicate is, we can assist.

two way radio